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At Powerprides Tech, our SEO division offers superior Latent Semantic Indexing based SEO services that are associated with current trends in the search engine algorithms to get your targeted traffic converted into sales and revenues. As being a complex process, our skilled professionals break it up into well defined components that can be conveniently implemented according to your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization is conveniently categorized into two main divisions:

Onsite Optimization

  • Our SEO experts diagnose your website thoroughly.
  • Compile report of regions that need to be optimized such as keywords, Meta tags, navigation structure, content, ease of use etc.
  • Recommend changes and, on your approval implement alterations to make your site SEO friendly as well as user friendly, a prime consideration of search engines.
  • Onsite optimization is implemented keeping in view the search engine algorithms of Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

Offsite Optimization

The Offsite optimization is more intricate, much time consuming and needs careful development of strategy as well as phased implementation. Broadly, offsite SEO covers:

  • Creation of applicable, significant, useful and unique quality content.
  • Content being the King for search engines and we have teams of expert content writers to deliver fresh streams of quality content for various purposes.
  • Posting suitable contents to article sites, forums, review sites, directory submissions and social platforms. This creates inbound links or back links that show up in search results and therefore help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Search Engine Promotion is the solution!

Visibility in Search Engine Pages plays a pivotal role for every online business as it boosts opportunity for business retention and acquirement. Obtaining a noteworthy and dedicated presence among various search engines has become an essential element to sustain your business in the Web world. Those who are a trademark; it is a brand boosting practice. However, for small enterprise and start-up firms, it is a hard-hitting job. This is when search engine promotion steps in.

Search Engine Promotion or website promotion is the technique of escalating the traffic to a website from Search Engine Result Pages. It is not a small process that can easily be accomplished after making use of some simple clicks. It is a method that requires appropriate research, proper planning and business promotion tactics along with patience.

We have been catering to the business need of our clients across the world. We have proudly served several customers with their online/Internet marketing needs. Over the years we have learned some basic ingredients that have played a major role in making websites top performers. Some of the ingredients are:

  1. Superior product and service
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. Clear explanation of the product or service
  4. Aesthetically appealing website
  5. Easy navigation from one page to another
  6. Targeting the right keywords/phrases on search engines
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. Easy and streamlined ordering process
  9. High search engine rankings
  10. Social media buzz

If you feel your site needs professional Internet marketing, SEO, social media buzz, or re-design, contact us for availability and a tailored quote.

If you’ve noticed a sharp and then a sudden drop in your website’s rankings, you may have been hit by Google Penguin penalty.

Powerprides Tech experts, offer tried and veteran method with proven results to get your site back on top of search results. Beginning with a comprehensive approach a complete analysis of your website is done to identify all factors leading to a drop in rankings. Our strategized Google recovery services team takes care of all the details. The Google Penguin Recovery Services have been designed to rectify the flaws on your site, and to help it withstand against the penalties in the Google’s SERPs.

Google Penguin Penalty Assessment and Recovery:

We have a planned “roadmap", which can easily be synonymic with "SEO penalty audit” to identify the effects of Penguin and its problems that any site is facing. The schemes that we have drafted are in accordance with the factors that are considered a positive aspect by Google. The steps that we include in our strategy reads:

  1. Assess and get rid of in-organic and un-natural links.
  2. Use Google Webmaster link reports to analyse links and act simultaneously.
  3. Our proprietary tools are used to analyse external links.
  4. Examine the anchor texts.
  5. We follow guidelines from Google while trimming up the bad links.
  6. A spam check is carried-out to look out for cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, etc. and reject them.
  7. We also assess your on-page contents by doing a thorough test and suggest you to change the duplicate or inferior value contents.
  8. Other penguin effects such as "cup cake effect" or "over optimization" are also taken care of.

Do you want the people to know you better? For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in the local search results - particularly Google Places which is also known as Google+ Local.

Local SEO needs a tactical approach for endorsement. As a reputed SEO consultancy we suggest, you must identify your business in order to run it properly. We can help you with many effective plans for business promotion over the local business space. You can detail us about your business and locality and we can manage the campaign for you to offer you the best exposure and ample local identity.

Do you want the people to know you better? For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in the local search results - particularly Google Places which is also known as Google+ Local.

We use the following strategies:

  1. Google Maps: Google map is a worldwide classification of location with free utilities such as adding up of your street, and business houses on the complete map. You can make individuality on the Google Map and use that to show your real presence to your customers.
  2. Google Places: This is yet another advanced tool to show your physical existence. According to an evaluation, almost 97% of customers search for local business and services only. With Google places, you can mark your presence, with your street address, house number and contact details. You can get yourself verified and spot your presence online for those your clientele who search for services and products online. You can add category of business, contact information and time of availability to make your presence significant.

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